Tuesday, September 23, 2014



My my my those are spectacular uppermost tree parts
For fire I have brought my Rubik’s Cube and as soon as we solve it
I’ll put it on some coals with the red side facing up

When the plants start to rot
that is when they are full of beauty

Yeah we can learn from them but you know they have no other option
but to age gracefully

Too long in the city and I have a brain full of cars

Perhaps it is a little cold
I should buy some kindling from the Convenimart
They have the smoke-scented kind

The first thing I will do when I get there
to the woods I mean
will be to ask the tree for advice on breathing

1 comment

  1. gracias for this journey, Hanna. it is 'breathtaking' . this i mean in reference to hoping
    you travel to that place where trees will whisper into your ears the secret of breathing.

    have a wonderful fulfilling day, mi amiga


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