Friday, April 26, 2013

Things I’ve Accidentally Learned While Writing Poems (in the Last Couple of Weeks)

Here’s how to impersonate Jimmy Stewart.

There is a fox called a “crab-eating fox.” It looks like this and yes, eats crabs. It sounds like this.

Lemmings do not jump off of cliffs. And they are very cute. (I always think that “lemming” sounds like a type of lizard, not a furry little chinchilla guy.)

I want a toy mower that makes bubbles.

And you? What are you learning, accidentally and intentionally?


  1. I like the idea of this.
    I need to keep a running list, from now on.

  2. I learned that "credenza," in a church setting, can mean "credence table."

  3. I was able to use "jejune" in a reasonably accurate way (but it still embarrasses me).

  4. I've learned that resisting my monkey mind only makes it more persistent. I've learned to be soft when I want to be hard.

  5. I learned that Biz turns whites whiter. (though I'm not sure how to fit this newfound knowledge into a poem).

    I agree with Shawnte; this is an inspired routine. Thanks for sharing.


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