Friday, August 5, 2011

Audio: Interview at Spoonful

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Anthea Krook, Editor of the delightful Spoonful Magazine (she's also a talented artist/designer/singer/creative mind). I've known Anthea since 2008 thanks to the wonderful world of the internets, but never spoken to her "in-person" (read: via Skype) before--it was so natural and enjoyable. I'm so thankful to her for her support and vision, and to everyone I've connected with through this blog.

Hope you like the interview (this is a great new podcast, so stay tuned for future installments from Anthea). In it, we talk about my family, my work (teaching and some of my various editing projects, including video game strategy guides!), the sprained ankle that led to my marriage, publishing and strategies for sharing creative work (shout out to Nic Sebastian and her nanopress model), and, inevitably, ice cream. Happy weekend!


  1. Interesting interview, I was particularly taken by the insights into your methods of composition.

  2. Hannah, it was a pleasure listening to this fascinating interview while getting ready this morning. I'm so excited about your manuscript and am sending good wishes for the perfect publishing opportunity. You really deserve to have a collection published.

    We are simpatico when it comes to sun -- I slather myself with sunblock and wear hats but still get burned.

    Love that seasonally affect poem.

    Ok, off to San Francisco for plans with my son!


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