Thursday, November 11, 2010



I literally could not believe it. Literally.
I mean, I totally could not believe that it

was happening, again. The information
could not fit into my head, literally, it

would be like sticking a USB plug into
an electrical socket in the wall. Know

what I mean? When you literally cannot
comprehend what you see, how random

it is, this thing happening to you so freaking
fast. This is so random, literally. What

causes us to meet random people, and of that
group, to feel that you have been programmed

on the exact same wavelength, literally
the same one. It totally stretches reality,

how random and amazing people can be.
Even to voice it, I have to shift gears,

drag what I mean into the room and try
to give it life, literally, so that you’ll see it.


  1. Haha this sounds exactly like my 17 year old sister and her friends talking!

  2. I agree with Chanee, with the caveat that the word "like" would be like in every line.

  3. Congratulations on your 600th post!

    - love your inspiration / might have to try a similar piece of art myself!

    - and this reminded me of those old Mad TV sketches:

  4. Cute...I agree, it is freaky when one meets a person randomly...literally and figuratively, two of my favorite words! xo

  5. "Drag what I mean into the room" is so good. You've literally captured the essence of literally.

  6. People love to use the word literally when they mean metaphorically. Why??????
    Brilliant, as always.xo

  7. Oh, thank you, Hannah, for sticking it to the 'literally-ists'. I had to leave the room last night rather than taking the poker to our babysitter for literalising every event of her day.


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