Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Intercom On

The Intercom On

You left the intercom on.
When you left, you left it on.

Intermittently, it transmits
bits of movement: a mouse’s

whispered click, windchimes.
Pages turning and rubbing against

other pages. Maybe it’s my
intercom, acting up, picking up

little noises, echoes. Static.
Inner intercoms do not have an off.

The switch can be flicked,
but is only a reminder to listen.


  1. i am happy to stumble upon you through qarrtsiluni

  2. If I left an intercom on I'm sure I would be caught saying something completely embarrassing.

    This is beautiful. I look forward to more of your work

  3. Ah that inner intercom, often on the blink. i think it can be turned off temporarily, but this takes plenty of practice.

    "Pages turning and rubbing against other pages" - I love the sound of pages rubbing against each other, but hadn't really considered this (in isolation) before. Thanks once again for your words!

  4. The way you've written this, I can hear those tiny sounds!


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