Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Moisture brought together,
a skin of thickened steam

coating the boxed glass
of the windows. The process

by which a screen of water,
a textured, sheer shade

appears on a surface.
The opposite of evaporation.

An exhalation that sends
liquid into air, and an obstacle

to collect this breath. Thermal
discrepancy that yields fenced fog,

cross-sectioned finely into film.
Condensation is the phase,

the medium with which matter
renders and removes itself.


  1. So this is how I read your blog: poem first, then click on pic that inspired. You ALWAYS surprise me in what you pick up out of the photo to write on! I'd love to see you relate "condensation" to whatever this man's experience might be. Thinking.... what would be the human condensation experience??? hmmm....


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