Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009: Gwenessa Lam, Curtain & Chandelier:

The Curtain

The curtain's spine is first to wear dirt.
The sheer panel dims over time,

a failing bulb. The edges of the ceiling fan
grow furry with sediment, like petals

recalling pollen. Without movement,
life is present, but only through accumulation,

congregation. Stillness calls out to stillness
in the language of decomposition.

Dust and tarnish will stain anything stationary,
will drape dusky hands on unmoving material,

turn brightness into pallor. The curtain sighs,
content to go on gathering, gathering.


  1. I love how you have expanded into other inspiration. Beautiful, as always. I am, as always, a fan.:-)

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  3. I enjoy reading your poems, and finding inspiration in the ordinary, viewing common sights in new ways with a meaning that goes beyond the image or the words. This poem stirs the reader out of the stagnation of lethargy. No one else can do what you do with the images that inspire you. You bring your world view, your life, your incredible sensitivity, and your unique use of language, and make something stimulating and beautiful.


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