Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009:

Nordictrack, Gazelle, Bowflex:

These sound majestic, like Greek gods

Or names of mountain ranges.

When they arrive at her doorstep,

A heap of metal bones collapsed within

An enormous brown box,

At that moment, the dream dissolves.

She called a stranger and asked them

To send it to her, two weeks ago.

Ever since, she’d been imagining

Carving herself, as a sculptor reveals

The figure within the marble

With a sharp tool, a blade, perhaps,

Or a chisel. These machines could cut away

Everything extra that had settled

Around her body: routines of

Seatedness, rewards she bestowed

Upon herself, generously as

A parent, her persistence and

Her comfort, the fatigue and aching neck,

The muffled longings.

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  1. Muffled longings. Yes! I also love that it goes from Greek gods to sculpting, since those two images are so at home with one another.


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