Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16, 2008: On the Street…Shorts & Jacket, Milan

The parking lot outside the playground
Was comprised of jagged white stones.

On your way to the swings, she bends and selects
A rock, chipped like an arrowhead

And with the surprising sheen of mica.
Your friend asks if you want to go

To the pool after school today. It’s hot,
And you both test the heat of the black swings

Before trusting them with your weight.
Your friend says that her older sister

Let her use her Sun-In (a spray
To lighten hair). She holds a thin

Rope of strands for you to examine,
Wiry, a little broken from

French braids. It looks like the yellow
Fiber optic wand that you

Waved when you were four, in the theatre
Before Sesame Street Live.

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