Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, May 08, 2009: On the Street…..Winter Scarf, Summer Style, Sydney

What do I hope to find
When I stare out at my neighbors’ homes?

Their windows glow like lanterns
(blue from the t.v., yellow

From lamps or overhead bulbs).
I don’t want them to see me,

Stirred into reverie
By the way they play house: setting

The table, that woman washing
Dishes and laughing into the phone,

Concentration etched
Onto her brow. Or that boy and collie,

Racing in the front yard,
Basketball hoop like a mounted halo.

Nothing new here,
I know. But still I gaze at life

Behind glass, living
Dioramas, science projects.

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  1. "the way they play house" --this captures me because of what it says about the speaker of the poem... more more more, said the baby!


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