Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008: On the Street…Flea Market Finds, NYC

The brick apartment building is shedding.
The patchwork reds and browns
crumble silently, steadily.
The bricks leave dustings of red at their bases
where the blacktop meets the foundation.

Not unlike how we deposit bits of our bodies
throughout our rooms and streets
(slivers of nail, long threads of hair),

and scarier, less visible pieces of evidence
that we identify only as dust or ash or dirt.
We scatter pieces of our surfaces on other surfaces
not unlike a trail of breadcrumbs leading to safety.


  1. Oooooh, architecture poem!! I love it.
    Loss, decay, and leading us home.Really nice imagery.

  2. Beautiful, and complex. I love the way you're exploring detritus in this poem. What we leave and where we are headed...These are primal subjects that we shy away from in regular life, but your poetry taps into it and gives such breath to them...


    P.S. the verification word is "recon," which is sort of what you're doing for us in striding into deep end of ideas with your lovely poems.


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