Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008: On the Street.....Checks & Stripes, Milano

Newsprint is impermanent,
on purpose. It is meant

to self-destruct every day.
The edges of the pages fray

even as it first unfolds.
How am I supposed to hold

the news, with its excessive wingspan?
The pages shudder in my hands

as I fumble with the sections
and their sallow, grey complexions.


  1. I LOVE this one. Really. I love this whole concept. Does the Satorialist know what you are doing?? He should.

    I didn't visit the Sartorialist everyday---but now that I have found your LOVELY blog I am coming back daily and hence have to look at the image that inspired your fantastic poems.

    Have I made it clear??? I love your blog!!!

  2. La Bel, I asked this question yesterday. I bet he'd be interested to know.

    I love this idea; the man is older, so the thought of impermanence has a special twinge for me.

  3. You two are wonderful. Wonderful!

    Thanks for your comments and questions. I did contact The Sartorialist when I first started this blog, and he was kind enough to write a brief (but encouraging) email back. I don't know if he ever checks it anymore...I would love it if he did!

  4. NYT went to soy beans for ink years ago. That kept newsprint from my fingers as I read on the subway. Retired,I walk my dog who sits at my feet and is at the moment being flatulent. The subway fold just won't cut it now so I read other print that I will be reading anyway. Two that go on a walk with Teddy are the New Yorker and the New York Review of Books. The New Yorker smears and the NYRB gives me heartache with the even numbered pages that finds the fourth column not quite making a good page turn thus causing me to lose words and ultimately NYRB pages will get a bit mucked up if I'm not careful.
    The keyboard of course is ink free but think for a sec here....the keys are engineered to provide a the tactile sensation of striking a typewriter keyboard and the sounds, the clicks, are designed likewise.
    Worked and played in Manhaten years ago and will enjoy reading your posts. Now to walk Teddy. the NYRB just came and I think I'll read James Oakes' reviews of two books on the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Up Obama!


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