Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008: When First We Met (Part 2)

I. Two Years Ago

A dapper man,
Brown glove in hand.
His dark, smooth skin
Artfully clothed in
Olive tweed.
Right hand freed,
Grasping bills.
Slightly chilled,
You crooked your arm.
The stripey scarf
falls just so.
Your glasses glow.

II. Two Weeks Ago

Graffiti arms,
Still brown but hard,
Strained and straight.
A lanky gait
In army pants.
Aggressive stance.
A thick, dark beard.
Not stopped, you steer
Toward sun and heat
And crowded street.
All veined and lean.
Your hat acid green.

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  1. Ah the days of hyper-hip fashion! When to be "acid green" was to be somehow above the world.


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