Monday, September 30, 2013



Lily pads here and there, freckles on a pond’s cheek.
Little white bridge arched above, so you can stand
and watch the water, looking for a frog.

Lily pads dappling the pond, pink petals in the water.
White bridge a little slippery. Frog in mid-air, disgruntled.

A pond clogged with lily pads, mosquitos and gnats
in clouds above a scummy bridge. The slap of frogs
hitting the water.

Tarp of lily pads, choking the pond. Mossed over
bridge, rotting, a plank missing. Tiny green frog hand
and arm reaching up, clearing a space between
lily pads.

Once, this swampy region of the grounds
was a pond. See those boards over there, that was
an arched bridge. In the heyday of this property,
it was said that at night, from the back door, you could hear
the frogs singing.


  1. So many wonderful, memorable visual details, like the frog "in mid-air, disgruntled", "freckles on a pond's cheek", "tarp of lily pads", and "Tiny green frog hand/ and arm reaching up, clearing a space".

  2. loved the way you developed, from sanza to stanza, a different perspective of the same vision


    Graicas mi amiga