Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Of gardens, and fountains in which you cannot drown,
pink clouds, and the sheen of skin drawn over bone

like a well-made bed, smoothed down. A gown made of silk,
hordes of silkworm ghosts reanimated as light as you walk

along the street, under the moon. Every beautiful body
has a skeleton inside, embraced by flesh. Will you go steady

with me, this is what we want, perfect loveliness paused,
not watching one another as we unravel, and are erased.


  1. Gorgeous. And I love the slant rhyme. And going steady.

  2. Just beautiful Hannah. And since you mentioned on FB that the artist of the accompanying image explores delicacy and strength in her art, I think I have an inkling of what inspired today's poem.

  3. I read this and I think of the "perfection" of a model, at pause, captured in a photo in a magazine layout. I love the line about the silk dress, hordes of silkworm ghosts reanimated as light. And then we read the final line, and the direction turns from perfection to the unraveling-not so happy a thought or image, but there can be grace, even in that, as well as horror.